Cooper Smith is 11 years old and, as a model, he feels strongly about being represented as a person with disability in mainstream advertising.  He said “When I look at magazines and TV I never saw anyone with a disability like me who uses a walker and a wheelchair so I felt like I wasn’t represented. I really wanted to try modelling as a child who happens to have a disability”.

Cooper recently featured in a game-changing Easter catalogue for Kmart Australia that featured several children with disability and that has been widely discussed by the community and across the advertising and retail industries.

We are proud to have Cooper as an Ad Inclusion Ambassador.  Each of our Ambassadors represents, through advertising imagery, Starting With Julius‘ inclusive vision of a world in which no one is excluded and everyone belongs.

You can read more about Cooper here.

[Photo © Kmart Australia]

If you would like to explore an ad inclusion opportunity with Cooper you can email us on or send a message using our Contact form.

cooper egg


Cooper with kids


[Photos © Bron Leeks]

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