Global Sustainability Standards Board To Consider SWJ Submission On Disability And Inclusive Advertising In Corporate Social Reporting

By Catia Malaquias

 On Tuesday 25 September 2018 the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands will consider Starting With Julius’ submission in relation to the GSSB’s review of the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) standards relating to corporate reporting in relation to human rights and disability.

At present, the GRI Standards, which are the leading and most widely used standards guiding non-financial reporting by corporations internationally, do not provide guidance on corporate reporting in relation to disability, whether specifically or more generally, as an aspect of reporting on human rights matters.

Starting With Julius is seeking the accelerated inclusion of reporting in relation to both positive and negative corporate activities impacting on the human rights of people with disability.

In particular, Starting With Julius is emphasising the importance of the GRI Standards being updated or reformulated to expressly recognise inclusive advertising and media as a corporate strategy for advancing cultural change in society conducive to the better realisation of human rights in all areas for people with disability – in regular education, mainstream employment, full community participation etc.

As an example of the positive impact of genuine and sustained inclusive advertising, Starting With Julius has referred the GSSB to the work of Wesfarmers retail giants, Target Australia and Kmart Australia, with which we have been proud to be involved.

The meeting agenda, papers, and link to listen to the meeting live is available on the GSSB website.

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[Cover photo © Jorik Kleen]

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