“The Hiring Chain” – Coordown’s World Down Syndrome Day Video Campaign

Italy’s national Down Syndrome Association, Coordown, together with the support of Down Syndrome Australia, has released its much anticipated annual international video campaign for World Down Syndrome Day, 21 March 2021 – “The Hiring Chain”.

World Down Syndrome Day has been officially recognised by the United Nations since 2012 and it aims to bring a focus to the human rights and the goal of inclusion of people with Down syndrome around the world.

This year’s international vide campaign highlights the right to work of people with Down syndrome and seeks to advance open employment opportunities for them, by spreading the message that the more people with Down syndrome are given the opportunity to work, the more opportunities are created for all to realise this right.  The message is clear: open employment in mainstream workplaces creates a ‘chain of interconnected workplace experiences’ that unleashes further opportunities, helps to change societal expectations, break stereotypes and reduce  attitudinal barriers to workplace participation for people with disability.

Once again, Coordown has partnered with the amazing creative talent of the “two Lucas” of the Small agency in New York and the catchy campaign song is sung by no other than world famous award-winning artist, Sting.

The campaign also seeks to inform and connect potential employers with Down syndrome associations and employment platforms for people with disability around the world.

Read more at hiring chain.org

We love the campaign and wish it every success!