Julius Panetta

Julius is 7 years old and he has appeared in seven advertising campaigns for Australian and international children’s fashion brand eeni meeni miini moh.   His first campaign was in 2013, when Julius became the first person with Down syndrome to feature in a nationwide, high profile advertising campaign in Australia, spanning photographic catalogues, online and in-store marketing and billboard advertising.

Julius is also the first Ad Inclusion Ambassador and his modelling became the starting point for the Starting With Julius campaign for more inclusion of disability as diversity in Australian advertising (#adinclusion).  Julius, like each of our other Ambassadors, represents, through advertising imagery, Starting With Julius‘ inclusive vision of a world in which no one is excluded and everyone belongs.

You can read more about Julius here.

[Photos © eeni meeni miini moh]

If you would like to explore an ad inclusion opportunity with one of our Ambassadors you can email us on info@startingwithjulius.org.au or send a message using our Contact form.

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