Target Australia Inclusive Catalogue wins Australasian Catalogue Award 2017

Early this year everyone was talking about Target Australia’s Back to School 2017 catalogue.

Well the accolades are still coming! Last night at the Melbourne Convention Centre, Target Australia won the Australasian Catalogue Association Award for Best Fashion –  Children’s Apparel Catalogue 2017.

Not only did the Target catalogue feature Emily Prior, one of our Ad Inclusion Ambassadors, including for her second time as a Target “Cover Girl”, but its images also affirmed the beautiful diversity of families – of our community – of our children – sharing the ritual of starting the new school year.

The catalogue featured children with disability – Emily, modelling shoes worn with her AFOs and a young boy with hearing aids – as well adults and children from different ethnic backgrounds.

At Starting With Julius we believe that #adinclusion – the inclusive representation of people with disability in mainstream advertising – has great potential to improve social attitudes towards, and respect for the rights of disabled people as full and equal participants in our communities.

When #adinclusion meets inclusive education in a Back-to-School campaign – with all kinds of children going to school together – including children with disability many of whom are still too often denied access to participate fully in education – it is doubly powerful and reflects what corporate social responsibility is about:  businesses making a positive contribution to the societies of which they are a part.

Starting with Julius congratulates Target Australia and its fantastic leadership and marketing teams for having the vision and commitment to embrace Ad Inclusion as part of their regular business and marketing practices!

Watch this video of Emily Prior and Starting With Julius Founder Catia Malaquias talking about Ad Inclusion and Target Australia’s “Back to School” catalogue!

“Back to School”, January 2017, Target Australia, Winner – Fashion Children’s Apparel

[Cover photo and catalogue photos © Target Australia]

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