By Catia Malaquias

15965532_632581396927318_276288489486564469_nEveryone is talking about Target Australia’s new Back to School 2017 catalogue (view in full here) – and at Starting With Julius we absolutely love it!

It is not just because it features Emily Prior, one of our Ad Inclusion Ambassadors, including for her second time as a Target “Cover Girl”, but because the images also affirm the beautiful diversity of families – of our community – sharing the ritual of starting the new school year.  It’s a celebration of modern society and getting behind it!

The catalogue features children with disability – Emily, modelling shoes worn with her AFOs and a young boy with hearing aids – as well adults and children from different ethnic backgrounds.  And guess what, i15940961_632581403593984_3000885233618071145_nn what seems to be another nod to celebrating “real families,” the “mum”  with Emily in one of the catalogue images is … Emily’s real mum, Jennifer!

Kmart Australia’s Back in the Swing 2017 catalogue (view in full here) has also just appeared and it reflects the same inclusive ethos – something that the retail giant has demonstrated in just about every catalogue since its famous Easter 2016 catalogue that almost ‘broke the internet’ when it featured children with disability, including SWJ Ad Inclusion Ambassador Cooper Smith, for the first time!

cooper eggIt’s been a big 12 months since Starting with Julius reached out to Kmart and Target!

Starting With Julius’ mission for #adinclusion is underpinned by the belief that the inclusive representation of people with disability in mainstream advertising has great potential to improve social attitudes towards, and the participation of, people with disability.

We also work hard to promote #edinclusion (access and inclusion of students with disability in our mainstream education system) which is recognised as a human right of children with disability – mainstream schools are the gateway to our society.

When a Back-to-School campaign shows all kinds of children going to school together – including children from minority groups and those who are still too often denied their right to education – it reflects what corporate social responsibility is about:  businesses making a positive contribution to the societies of which they are a part, including through practices that promote the recognition and realisation of international human rights.

Congratulations Target and Kmart and Wesfarmers Department Stores division head and inclusivity champion Guy Russo  … and congratulations to the respective leadership and marketing teams in those companies, for having the vision, leadership and commitment to embrace #adinclusion and #edinclusion as part of their business practices!

The pictures say it all …

Target Australia “Back to School” 2017:

15940860_632581430260648_9138845661169805005_n     15894411_632581446927313_9173613039343941087_n Aids



Kmart Australia “Back In the Swing” 2017:

Kmart   Screenshot 2017-01-13 20.22.13


Screenshot 2017-01-13 20.21.55    Screenshot 2017-01-13 20.22.34

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[Cover photo © Target Australia]

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