By Catia Malaquias

On 22 June 2013 we established Starting With Julius – an organisation dedicated to advocating for the human rights of people with disability without fear or favour, within Australia and internationally.

Over the last 10 years we have focussed our advocacy on advancing:

  • greater and more authentic representation of people with disability in inclusive advertising and media
  • the human right to, and benefits of, inclusive education in regular schools and the need for Governments to phase out segregated ‘special’ education settings
  • the full and supported participation of people with disability in open employment and the need for Governments to phase out segregated ‘special’ workshops and subminimum wages
  • increasing community awareness of the history of disability in society and its insidious legacy of ableism

While there have been many positive developments in these areas over the last 10 years, much remains to be done.

We have learnt much from many and hope our work has in turn educated and helped others – or at least exposed minds to a different point of view.

We would love to hear what Starting With Julius has meant or means to you.  Making a difference is our fuel and the next 10 years is another long ride.

We set out below links to some of our articles and blogs – to some the content will be new to others it will largely be memories.

Thanks again.



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